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US time on Tuesday, Tiger officially announced, renewed for two-year contract with Giovani Bernard. According to NFL NetWork reporters, the total contract value is US $ 10.3 million. At present, he has increased its salary in 2019, which has become $ 5.9 million, and there will be 600,000 US dollar guarantee bonuses in March next year.

In July this year, Colunals, who were full of 3s were first 12 games last year, and the League 82 was ranked in the PFF Location Rating. After he left, the Black Panther will seek more young players to make up.

White has been troubled by knee injury over the past two years, it is early to be invincible. Now he has no obvious advantage in a pair of one, and it has lost the ability to advance after the ball. However, as a veteran that has been fighting for 11 years in the Alliance, I have been selected for professional bowls, White is worthy of everyone’s respect.

There is also a defensive end Kharles, Johnson. In 2007, the number of Johnson was selected and forcing the number of average number of teams in 2007, second only to Julus Pepppers. In the 2017 season, Johnson’s importance of defensive group declined.

Miller said: “This is a great achievement, especially in Denver Wild Horse & Mdash; & mdash; our rushing hands have been very strong. The young rushing hand can complete the transcenderation, but I have said, he is very Strong players, I am also very happy to work with such people. “

Although the cowboy offensive group exhibits excellent, it is impossible to save the huge gap between mistakes and foul. The performance of the team’s defensive group is very bad, and the total of 146 points in the four games is the most alliance.

27-year-old Bernard has always been a good complementary running guard. Three years in the past three years, he can promote the number of codes every season. The performance of the past three seasons has been good, and each year can accomplish at least 35 battles, the squash code 4.2.

Given the coach McCarthy, only 4 games, while the Jones family and the offense coordinator Kellen Moore have a good relationship, and the outside world believes they will first take the defensive coordinator Mike, Nalan (Mike Nolan).

New defensive tackle Caleb – Brantley due wounding arrestedUniversity of Florida defensive tackle Caleb – Brantley (Caleb Brantley) is expected to be selected in this year’s draft, some people think he will become a first-round pick. But things change very quickly.

This incident sounds and the University of Oklahoma running back Joe – Phil Mickelson (Joe Mixon) similar arrested. Mickelson wounding of course affect his draft stock, but Brantley of the stock market may decline more severe. Mickelson met in the past three months and wholesale Nfl jerseys coach and personnel director, to assure them that they have changed. In the case of the draft only a few days away, Brantley did not have time to do that. Brantley knew that only a few days in case the draft is also committed such a mistake, perhaps the team questioned whether they could not believe Brantley trouble.

Although the cowboy is not intended to change the coach group in the stage of 1 win and 3 losses. Stephen Jones, Executive Vice President Stephen Jones, said that they did not intend to make any significant changes.

The denim defensive group under Norlan is a mess. In the game with 38-49, the cowboy will make the opponent’s squat into 307 yards, which is the team’s history. In the nearly 3 games, the opponent has achieved 126 points and the 3 game of the Cowboys 3 games. For 3 consecutive games, the opponent gets at least 38 points and is also the first record of the cowboy since its inception of the professional alliance in 1960.

The police report said Brantley punched the victim in the face. Although the report claims to be the first victim of pushing Brantley, but the latter “is clearly not out of the use of force is not a comeback for the purpose of self-defense” and the latter’s power “far beyond the scope of reasonable or necessary.”

The investigue is in an interview: “This is not one of my original goals. I just want to do the situation as soon as possible. But I can complete this achievement is also very glorious. But I will not celebrate today, and there are More priority do. I am very pleased that we have three games can be used to save the situation, I hope to win the victory and enter the playoffs. “

After the last quarter of the season, the denim management is not prepared to make determined to change the coach team. But if they continue to lose the ball and the defensive group continues to perform bad performance, the high-level may change the idea.

Bradley – Scrub breaks the wild horse new show14-20 Loading 49 people in San Francisco can be said to be a good news for the wild horses, and also seriously fight their hopes. However, in the long run, their future is worth looking forward to.

The rookie record (11.5) of wild horses (11.5) is maintained by von miller (2011) and Rulon Jones (1980). The investigate also has the opportunity to impact a new show (14.5) that is currently maintained by Jevon Kerse.

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