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In November 2018, Ge Helley also had a proud of the number of flush codes and reached the number of MVP, and one of the strong competitors. But sudden knees injury forced him to absent several games, and still did not completely recover during the super bowl, and gave a closer shadow.

Last season, Galley’s scorpion codes were one yard higher than the first two years, and the number of balls was only half the previous, and the workload was reduced. He signed a 4-year $ 60 million contract in 2018, including $ 45 million security, accounting for a small salary space. But General Manager Lez Snead said that it did not regret the renewal decision at the time.

The damage of the rope muscle, generally occurred at the sprint.腘 rope muscle in order to prevent knee, centrifugally contraction, and play the role of the brake. However, the muscles that are centrifuged, it is in a state of being drawn, and it is most likely to be injured. The pain of the rope muscle is most common in a hurdle athlete, especially when the rope muscle is extremely magnitude, while it is necessary to stop the knee. Among the NFLs, there is often a rope strap in the injury report, and the common position is RB, and WR is urgently accelerated.

After Antonio Brown left the team, the steel man signed the old-Monchef and picking Diante Johnson in the draft to fill the vacancy. While showing that you can get beautiful data, Smith Schustzt is especially trying to let steel people get rid of Brown.

The rules of sports are like this. When a person is challenged, he must choose to accept the challenge within 24 hours. Otherwise, we must donate $ 10 to the charity. People who accept challenges need to shoot a piece of film to the network and invite the next friend who accepts challenges in the video.

Popular nfl jerseys ice bucket challenge competition

At present, a large number of NFL players, coaches, even alliance officials, are involved in motion called ice bucket challenges. So what is the ice bucket challenge? Ice Bucket Challenge (Ice Bucket Challenge) is to challenge the contents of a bucket full of ice water dumped on his head. It is a charitable activity that is intended to improve the awareness of people’s atrophy lateral Sidaloids (ALS). After a movement, it has been widely popular. A large number of NFL players, coaches and cheap Jerseys from china even alliance officials are involved in this sport.

On August 4th training, the left tamper, the first left cutaway, David Bakhtiari, regression. Although it is unknown whether to restore the training, his fire returns to the packaging worker is a good news. To know that he is pushed away from the venue when he was injured.

Therefore, the elbow landing of the abduction is very dangerous. Observe that everyone is more familiar with professional basketball staff, they never use hands or elbow, but will reduce impact. The palm or elbow or shoulder landing makes the whole arm are in dangerous states, and the shoulders are dislocated, and the ruler bone fracture or the clavicle fracture.

Baxiya is an indispensable player in the packaging. In the past five seasons, he is the absolute starting point of the offensive front line, only 6 games were absent, and was selected as a professional bowl player in the 2016 season.

Defensive end Montitz – Sweet heart problem or misdiagnosis

Beijing April 26, in the past few months, Montez Sweat’s draft pace is fluctuated, and it is too unfair. This is related to his physical condition.

“Everyone is here for teammates,” Smith Schone said. “There is no personalism here. Everyone is to play, win the game, win the super bowl of champion. Everyone has a consistent goal. We played the rule performance, today we played the rule performance. You can see us and this, Contact with Dorsse, and Mason. “

According to the medical report of the body measurement, Sweitter may suffer from hypertrophic myocardial disease, and the measurement results show that his myocardial thickness is about 2 cm. However, the measurement of Mangz shows that Sweet’s myocardial thickness is only 1.5 cm.

If the report is real, Sweit is likely to be one of the players who are taken from the first half of the first round. He has attracted many attention in the performance of the four bowls, and the 40-yard sprint score of the body measurement camp is also very good.

According to NFL NetWork reporters, Sweet has recently met with Texas Munties, James Muntz. According to the diagnosis of Titz, Swant did not actually have a strong symptoms of myocardial hypertrophy. The diagnosis results of February measurement may be misdiagnosed.

Since July 29, the event has been more and more attention, and the content with #icebucketchallenge is madly forwarded, and the result has also attracted a lot of celebrities to join. In NFL, including Pedon Manning, Tony Romo, Patriot Team, Jet, and Pilot, etc. are involved in this event.

There are also QBs that have not absent any game, and it is not often the end of the game. The injury report is absentiated, including Jameis Winston, the torque of the Jameis Winston, SAM Bradford’s first week of ankle sprain, Nike Foles second week ankle sprain, Ryan Tannehill second week, Josh McCown fifth week ankle sprain, Derek Carr’s first week of thumb frustrated retort, Peyton Manning suffered from back injury, and this hurt may be related to cervical surgery, Matthew Stafford was injured by the ribs after hitting, but did not affect the time. This season is still a healthy Carson Palmar has experienced two ACL tear repairs and a long-boring rehabilitation after surgery, and his second ACL injury (last season) was 35 years old, The age of increase has a certain influence on complete rehabilitation, I hope that the recent Palmar will maintain the health of the whole season.

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