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Asked what he would restrict his injury to restrict him to complete the offensive ability, Rafield responded. “They don’t need to be nervous to me. I am very good. But at the same time, we are like Brian Tyms, Josh Boyce, Julian – Julian EDELMAN) and Danny Amendola (Danny Amendola) & mdash; & mdash; they have been working here for a long time, they can also complete offense. So there is no need to worry about anything. “

Patriots take over: Don’t worry about injuryTaking into account the importance of this season for the new England Patriots offensive group, the Brandon Lafell, who made the fans in the regular season in the Rules of Faro Barbill on December 28. A cold sweat.

When the competition was conducted in the fourth quarter, Rafier took a 14-yard ball after a shot, and he was returned to the scene after the 9th file was restored to participate in the final 4. Rairel did not participate in the team’s 2 training in the wheel, and at this week, he was determined as the toes injured.

Mark Sanchez thumb receives surgery Denver’s Wild Horse’s current quarter-defense list is insufficient, so when we know that the team’s only first quartz Mark Sanchez will be very worried about his non-pasperate thumb.

Steelers strategy is just the opposite, the audience 12 raid manufacture 20 pass rush pressure, which Cameron – Hayward contributed a sack and a quarterback hurry manufacture seven passes, to let pass into the red McAllen under pressure, complete control of the first three games. Man of the Match? Is undoubtedly the Steelers inside linebacker Ryan – Sha Zeer, ran five times to stop anti, anti-pass intercepted four times, twice manufacturing pressure during the raid, his anti zone 10 pass only 6 in 33 yards, give Kyrgyzstan Ao Wani – Bernard fatal blow, and brushed McAllen last a long pass, Sha Zeer also affect the trend of the game almost single-handedly, with the first half run to stop the anti constantly let off – Jackson gave up pavement attack, the second half of a hit sowed the seeds for the outcome of the game.

For those who puzzled this injury will make him unable to participate in Saturday’s partitioned seasons, Rafield dismissed doubts. “I feel very good, guy. Let the body take a little more, now I have to play, I am going to play the game and complete the attack.” He said.

Most teams in the playoffs desperately to increase the proportion of road attack, but the Vikings could say, “We the regular season is so fun,” not only with the long red ball to control the pace of the game, while also taking into account, Although Peterson nearly thirty years, but his ability to Yijizhiming did not degenerate, just grab you any time missed tackles, can immediately destroy Huanglong. And the game Peterson’s performance? 23 rushed the ball 45 yards, all code is less than 2 yards, the longest is 13 yards rushing, how the Seahawks do it?

The official of the wild horse said that Sanchez successfully passed the surgery last week, but may absence the training camp of some sniper season, which is reported that Sanchez is injured in the previous team training.

Coming back to the Seahawks offense, from winning a competition, scoring, rushing yards and rushing all proportion, the fact Lynch missed the game to be the presence of Bilin Qi to better match, the game the Seahawks substantial use Christine – options to read between the attack and Michael Wilson both, the effect seems good, baggy offensive front, Wholesale Jerseys so that the road Seahawks offense is limited to “Yes”, is difficult to cause substantial threat. Wilson called in the regular season Xia Banji league’s best passer, the first three quarters of the Vikings defense did leak, only 6 raids let Wilson 16 times compression, the Seahawks did not complete any long pass connection , good partner Doug – Baldwin also contribute only a superb one-handed pick melons only. The turning point of the game in the fourth quarter, the Seahawks offense still creaky, mistakes can be one after kick-off, the ball flew over the head of Wilson, that moment, it seems that all Minnesotans think the Seahawks to be finished, you can pick up Wilson stumbled since the ball, Taylor – Vikings Locket use man-mark errors, drive straight advancing the ball 35 yards, then Baldwin overnight, and instantly recover seven points. The whole game the Seahawks offense is not formed, but the more experienced teams tend to get some incredible opportunities, not to mention the passer has a magic Wilson. After manufacturing errors Peterson hit a free kick, the Seahawks barely forced to go-ahead score. As for the last moment Blair Walsh Elephant, you have to sigh the nature of the Hawks, the last three playoffs, the national contest gambling short kick package workers are inexplicably destroyed, super bowl Jiemein – Kels lie on the ground and received a long pass, then the 27 yards who would like to make Walsh again five hundred times. 17 years ago, Gary Anderson missed the free kick of the victory of the victory, and the history called “Tears of Minnesota”, then today, “Minnesota’s second tears”.

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