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Antonio-Gates hopes to continue to fight next seasonLos Angeles Lightning Near Director Antonio-Gates (Antonio Gates) recently expressed the hope to continue to fight next season, so he is about to start with the team to talk about his business next season.

According to Ian RapoPople, Smith will join Houston Texas, and serve as a defensive coordinator in David Culley. In addition, Tim Kelly will remain in Texas to continue to serve as an offensive coordinator, which was previously served as a four-point guards in Los Angeles, and Pep Hamilton will join Texas as the same position.

In the 2005 season, Smith was elected as the year’s best coach with a 6-win-up of 11 wins in 2004 to 11 wins. He coached the Xiong team to the season in the 2012 season, and after the team got 10 wins and 6, he was unable to enter the race game, he was fired by the bear team.

The Texas people make the rushing ball proposing the code number rankings in this season, the countdown row number 30, the game is ranked 30th, and the average row is ranked 27th. They urgently need to find new directions in the defensive group. If Smith can improve the defensive group as in the coaching ram and the bear team, Keli has made a wise decision.

The horses’ defensive group last season defense code limit rankings first, restrict the opponent’s score ranking alliance fourth, restrict the number of passed the number of passes. The team’s four-dimensional quarter of the team totaled 19 Dalian 23 copies, and the four-point guards were ranked 31st, the team still wins 12 wins and won the super bowl.

It seems that the wild horses do not need super quadrant performance. Ward said: “Do you want to come to the wild Ma Dang four-point guard? This feels like a casual, we are with the team, everything will be the same as last year.”

The wild horses do not consider renew that the mid-season and two major ball weaponsJulius Thomas and near-Terrier Julius – Thomas is the most important ball weapon of Denver’s wild horse, and these two people have entered the age of sensitive contracts. Continue to continue? How to renew? They are all big problems in the management of wild horses.

Smith has served as the University of Illinois in the last five years, tried to reverse the fate of this team, but only took 17 wins and 39 negative records, which caused him to be fired in December last December. Smith has recently been in Wholesale nfl Jerseys in 2014 to 2015, serving as the Pirate coach of Tampawan, but only teaming 8 wins and 24 negative records.

Confidence is a good thing, but after all, the Falcon defeated the Black Leopard that is still in rebuilding. They will usher in the same performance of Danfo wild horses in the next game. But after the tenth weeks, their schedule will be difficult. The Falcon will face the New Orleans Saints 2 times, two times in Tampawan pirates, as well as the Chief of the Kansas City, Las Vegas raid, Los Angeles lightning.

“Of course,” asked whether the falcon can reverse the situation in the situation. “We have a victory opportunity in each game this year. Honestly, we have some crazy failures. I really think that our team’s strength is enough to have a victory opportunity in the rest of the season. Why Can we win all? This is my mentality. “

Since the exchange of handshake, the Falcon’s performance has made progress, obtaining 2 wins and 1 loss, averaging 29.0 points, and the field will make the opponent from 19.0. Before reinforcing the handsome, the false record is 0 wins and 5 losses, and 24.4 points have been obtained, and the fields have made the opponent 32.2 points.

At the beginning of September last year, Gates completed the 112th game of careers, surpassing the legendary near Tontie-Gonzalez (Tony Gonzalez), this season he completed 30 batches to advance 416 yards and 3 reached.

However, before recent years, Smith is one of the most respected coaches of the alliance. His performance when he served as a defensive coordinator in St. Louis Ram made him name. In the 2001 season, he joined the ranks in the first year, ranking the team’s ranking on the 23rd and 31 of the previous season, raised the number and the average rumor score to the league 3 and 7.

“I think this is the beginning of some things,” Ryan said. “I really feel that even if we only have 2 wins and 6 losses, I think we have experienced some co-burning games. We have some excellent performance. I think we can play some really tough performance in the next half of the season.”

Such a good coaching performance made him a chicgens in Chicago in 2004. He led the bear team to enter the playoffs 3 times. In the 2006 season, with a powerful defensive group, the bear won 15 games (13 regular matters and 2 playoffs), became a national world champion and entered a super bowl. In the storm, they lost to Tony Dungy led Indian Dungy.

Falcon 4-point Swan Matt-Ran: I believe that can win the rest of the seasonMany fans were amazed at the Atlantian Femplay Nothing to funeralize the performance of their performance. The Falcon finally defeated the Corolina Black Leopard in the last moment of the game, won 25-17, raised the record to 2 wins and 6 losses.

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