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49 general manager did not communicate with Karenik 2 weeks

When you asked if you recently and Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco’s 49 general manager Trent Baalke gave us a answer: “I don’t know his feelings, I haven’t communicated with him for a long time. “

US time on Wednesday, the team officially puts the list of injuries, and he will absent at least eight weeks to recover injuries. In order to fill the big list vacancy, they signed offline Wei Jonathan – Jonathan Freeny

Demonstrate whether Cape Nick can adapt to the attack of Chip Kelly, Cape Nik and Bucks are basically unable to recover. Most people think that Cape Nick should be traded now, but there is currently no team is willing to match this price. Denver Yamang hopes that Katnik will give up the original contract and re-build a new contract, apparently Cape Nick will not be willing. 49 people pointed out that if Karenik continues to stay in the team, he will only distract, and will not be able to play with the team.

Chicago bear team is not ready to trade Elsen – Jeffrey

Although the Chicago Bear Team has to trade their own star, Elsen Jeffrene is covered, but there is a message that the bear team will not trade this star player.

The latest rickets can choose to perform the options for the Matthew Contract before the beginning of the new league, which protects him to get 19 million in the next two seasons. He signed a 5-year $ 62.5 million contract with the red rickets in 2016. Matthew originally takes a salary space of $ 14.1 million this year, and the rickets have a peek at this web-site saved him after saving $ 4.8 million.

Cutting Matthew is more because he is not suitable for the defensive system of the new coach Steve Wilks, not his performance. He returned to the injury before the last season. When healthy, Matthew in the right defensive group can become a force that is not tolerant.

Professional Football Commentator Mike Florio indicates that the message from the NFL Alliance shows that there will be 1 to 2 teams in the future 1-2 years to move to Los Angeles. In 2015 or 2016, the season will complete the relocation work. The temporary home station will borrow the rock coupling or the home court of the rose bowl until the new court is well built. The new course may be built in the city center.

In the second reason, the bear team is not satisfied with Kevin White to take over the top of the team. The 2015 seed selection lacks his entire rookie season. This season only completed four games. The competition was again injured, so the bear team had to give Jeffrey more trust.

Three teams are likely to travel to Los Angeles & mdash; & mdash; Auckland raid, San Diego lightning, St. Louis ram. The raids and the ram have stayed in Los Angeles but they left after 1994, while the flash stay in Los Angeles in 1960 in the AFL era.

There are two reasons that he won’t be traded. First, his contract contains a very complex potential trading condition. The last raisacle trick team uses a privileged label in Jeffrey. He will become a free player in the 2017 release season. Well, any team who wants to trading his team needs to pay by 20% of his 2016 season salary. That is to say that his next salary is 1400 annual. Million dollars.

Hi Dagben NFL team returned to Los Angeles 2016

The US Los Angeles has no NFL team in 20 years, but the latest report said that there will be 1 or 2 teams back to Los Angeles and return to their original home.

Matthew’s departments made a big player in the free player market. After experiencing a twice ligament torn torn and recovered, Matthew should not lack home. A team worthy of attention is a New York Giant, and their defensive coordinator James Bettcher has previously served as a defensive coordinator in Plush.

In addition, according to the history of Los Angeles, these three teams do not have problems in the venue rental. The raids ended this season’s end venues expired, while the ram expired in 2015, the flashing team may need to pay a certain transform site fee, but the time will not have a long time.

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