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Braddy: I ​​don’t want to go to other teams.Several new England players told NFL media reporters last week to Albert Breer, Gillette Stadium was a unfortunate place for patriots on Thursday to Dragona Chresses.

You can find that the patriot has seen Tom Brady’s pressure in 43 more than 17 victory in Cincinnati, and the pressure of public opinion is also changed after entering the fifth week. Big, until this perfect manifestation makes the public opinion calm. In the interview on Monday night, Braddy once again expressed his idea that he wanted to stay in the patriot.

He said: “I love patriots, I always say this, I said, I don’t know how many times, I don’t want to go to other places, and there is no place to go. I am willing to go for the best boss, and the most Excellent coach coexistence. We are a family in Boston. We are like a community, and I really enjoy this. I just want to do my own task, let each teammate increase, let the teammates, coaches and everyone support I.”

Braddy said: “Everyone’s situation is different, NFL is unpredictable, this is also common in the professional sports world, just like Michael Jordan ends the career in other teams, Joe-Mong Joe Montana can end your career in other teams or as Lebron James, you can always see such a player to replace the team. And my current goal is Not doing this, but some things are not what I can control. I want to do my best here, and finally until the end of your career. And this year is a very important period, because many questions are in front of me, I can What to do is to play the ball. “

“It is a very interesting process for me and my family. We carefully consider this process,” Wilfolk is said in this stated statement. “We want to thank Kraf special and patriots for the past 11 years, but we will start a chapter as Houston Texas.” He also said: “Texas people coach group make exciting coming to new balls The team is like returning home. We are always a patriot player in our heart, thank you for everything you do for me. “

This long-term powerful new England patriots will defensive Trusque will join Houston Texas, where his front teammate Mike Vrabel is a member of the coach, and the former patriots offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien (Bill O & # 39; Brien) served as head coach, before the patriot defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel, also was responsible for defensive groups in Texas.

In this year’s break, all the unfollow free players change, Wilfolk joined the Texas people look reasonable. The team is now urgently needing 3-4 defensive tips, but more importantly, they need to surrounded by a group of influential old players around Jadeveon Clowney. 33 years old Vilfolk is perfect for this role.

In order to celebrate the 54th super bowl countdown for 100 days, forward this article to a circle of friends, and in the NFL Rugby APP This article comments: You are most optimistic about which two team members Super Bowl final (did not download our app fans You can click on the next link: NFL Football APP,) We will randomly draw a lucky fans to send an official authentic NFL100 commemorative ball, and the event is under Monday (October 28) 12 noon, come to participate in our activities!

Super Bowl is the finals of the NFL football every season, the super bowl is the name of the game, its trophy name is Vince Lombardi Tropha, and the participating parties are the National Union champion and the United States champion. The super bowl is not only the world’s top sports entertainment event, but also the highest ranking of TV shows. Many entertainment stars can be proud of the midfielder show in the super bowl, in recent years, the stage has a fire star brother, Biyount and Katie-Perry, the most classic undoubtedly in 1993, Mikl Jackson .

Texas people now create one of the most terrible guards of the league. Vilfolk’s anti-running ability plus Crawni and J.J. Watt (J. J. Watt) These strong flush hands will greatly make up for the shortcomings of the team offensive group.

Red scitch take over Fitzgelad to avoid retired topicsBeijing December 20th news last year’s Palch record 8-8, Larry Fitzgerald, decided to struggle again. But the record of the rickets is just more deserted.

Ells has effectively achieved pirates, giants and wild horses, but last season just achieved only 2 killers, and the market prospects were also very bleak after being cut by piracy. However, the pro fundball focus is considered that Els is good, and the pressure capacity is still there.

Fitzgerald has established a lot of reputation for the gentleman who shows the gentleman in his own place, and the loyalty to this team that often smohes more than less than less. This 35-year-old old will recently set a history: the number of batches completed for cheap Jerseys from china the same team. Considering most of the time, the four-point guard for him is John Skelton, Kevin Kolb, Matt Leinart, Brian – BRIAN St. Pierre, Max Hall and other famous characters, this record is more difficult. This season, Fitzgelad also needs to help Josh Rosen, and this chick quartz-saving current transformation seems to be less successful.

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