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In this sense, the packaging team’s abandoned kicks, Tim Maasthay, no discovery is one of the responsibilities. He did not abandon the game in the fourth week of the fourth week, so he should be the only season of NFL’s history without abandoning the kick. The wages paid to Tim were $ 100,000.

Tomlinsen praise Bagle: He is the best alliance

After the end of the first week, we will take the 197-yard Pittsburgh Steelman 2013 Two-wheeled Sarah Bell (Veon Bell) as the best running guard in the first week. In the previous program, we also mentioned that he will become the running guard in the top 5 of the league at the end of the season. The first three weeks, Bell won the up to 461 yards. He has already written his name in the forefront of the running guard list with excellent performance.

For Ladainian Tomlinson, Ladainian Tomlinson has a high comment: “In my opinion, Bell is the best running guard in the alliance. He can complete all the human beings can complete, he can From the inside, it is possible to take advantage of the outside. He can catch the ball. He is too all, the exercise ability is superior, I love him, I love Bell. “For this, we fully agree.

Bryant will have a luxury attack of Drew Bris (BREE Drew Brees) for Michael Thomas, Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram. How much improvement and changes are worth our expectation. What’s more interesting is that Bryant will follow the Saints in the thirteenth weeks.

Marshall’s career is more than 9 years, and his 12 seasons are full of volunteers. Obviously he can bring stable and leader temperament for the giant’s locker, which is something that Beckham is in the future.

In addition to the two no-to-abandoned regular seasons, the other is a game of 49 people in the second week of the Bill team in 1992. In the first round of the first round of the submatch in January 2004, PEYTON Manning led the Indiana pony team 38 to 31 to defeat the Kansas Emirates, and did not abandon the kick.

Today, Adrian Peterson is included in the list of exemptions, Lesean McCoy and Jamal Charles have not found the rhythm of last season. Marshawn Lynch, as always, Demarco Murray, has been taken care of. Bell and them compared to them, the biggest advantage is to make super performance capabilities, as well as excellent ball. The current steel man offensive group, except Bell, also owned Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown. This makes their offensive group, with real stars in three technical positions.

But from the game in front of the game, Bryant’s ability to drop a lot. But he himself declares the data into a tactical arrangement of denim garbage. And the denim uniform group firmly believes that Bryant’s body function is the main reason because of the injury in the 2015 season.

Brandon – Marshall explains how to help Beckham

When the New York Giator signed Brandon Marshall, we know that the giant’s external firepower is more powerful, but the premise is that these external connections must be united.

Colts offensive line all season performance is not stable & mdash; & mdash; this is a friendly argument & mdash; & mdash; but starting left tackle Anthony – Fidel through Junior (Anthony Castonzo) is expected to return after missing the last three games starting lineup. We can expect to pony using a lot of short passing attack.

Former received a positive evaluation on Friday, Hasselbeck missed Wednesday’s game and took part in limited training on Thursday. Hasselbeck are dealing with a painful rib injury, allowing him to breath and have difficulty passing.

Sunday’s competition is another Hagle victory. The attack of constipation until the Russell Wilson Little Magic Fairy is turned into the last wave of offensive. Then look at the Dennis Eckersley: Hawk’s defense. Hawks seem to have a problem with some Mike Tomlim era, let the fans can’t craze: I feel that each game can play my opponent. As a result, I have to be forced to the last second second, how much Number? However, after all, it will win, isn’t it?

Before the denim, Bryant and Saint Signed a year

cheap nfl jerseys from china TV reporter Ian Rapoport and Jane Slat revealed that DEZ BRYANT was signed with Saints for a year. Branet, who is now cut off in April this year: In 2014, he or a total of the alliance’s all-star players, but after the data is signed with the denim, the data is sliding after the data is lost, and the next season will pick up the game There is no more than 900 yards.

He was able to play for the American League wants to beat the Texans to keep the first name of the Southern District of Pony is of great significance. Hasselbeck will have to face the best defensive player of the year last season, J.J. Watt (J.J. Watt) led by outstanding defensive front. Watt (13.5 sacks) and Whitney – Mossy Ruth (Whitney Mercilus) (7.5 sacks) this season, made a total of 21 sacks (Nfl Jerseys player combinations the most). Former draft pick Jed Vian – Kelao Ni (Jadeveon Clowney) made 4.5 sacks in the last six games.

Objectively, Brines clearly can’t get the same tactical status in cowboy before you get in the Saint Offense System, but if Bryinete can play a competitive state in the 2012-2014 season, for the Saint and Bris. The dream of chasing the second crown will get closer.

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