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The Black Panther has achieved a small success during the Gateman’s team. Although only 6 wins 10 wins last season, only the top three seasons of Gatman lead the team in the top three seasons into the playoffs and entered the 50th super bowl. Gatman has improved the wages of the black panther and cooperated with the coach Ron Rivera to strengthen the team lineup.

Simlun was passed 6 times in this game, just completed 2 batches to get 6 yards. Cossins had only a real long biography in this game, but he gave the power of this passage. If this pass is just right, let Shetrans complete the ball and achieved reachable, then the game situation may change. Duez’s full game completed 7 codes to get 108 yards, but 5 of the ball 91 yards were taken in garbage time.

Lao Shuai Jiary became a new offensive coordinator for jet fleetsIn the past few years, the original New York Jet Brigade coach Lake Ryan has not been able to find a suitable offensive coordinator. Nowadays, the current coach Todide – Todd Bowles hopes to change this situation.

In the first half, the Viking offensive group only advanced 59 yards. The first 7 waves of the team either with the end of the abandonment. Cossins had a 53 yard from 14 times in the third section of the competition. He finally made a performance in garbage time, and finally got 233 yards in the event.

“At some moment, you can’t get 180 yards, even if you have the best running guards,” Shetten said. “You have to pass the ball at that time. You have to complete the ball attack. You have to complete the long pass. You have to do this.”

In the case of poor performance in Cousins, the Qi Jing people take over to take over to be wasted. If the ball is still so manifestably with the ball attack in Viking, then the mood of the players will get worse.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that the relationship between Gatman and the boss was “very stiff”. Lobport pointed out that the former and Richarmed Sutan have produced cracks between the prince and Richarmedon from the next year.

Griffin arbitrarily criticized teammates also triggered the dissatisfaction of the Red Primary Coach Jay-Grunetten (Jay Gruden). He has been tallful, Griffin’s main coach, this decision open criticism: “click here for more info Robert, he must understand that the most important thing is himself. He must take yourself, not always pay attention to others.”

It is reported that the team has signed the Original Falurobier Coach’s Coach – Kerry (Chan Gailey) as a next season’s offensive coordinator. In the three years of the Kerry Turk, he sent a total of 16 wins and 32 negative answers to the Bill team. Although the results were unsatisfactory, Kerry still showed his potential to arrange the attack.

Bill and Dhalius’s renewal negotiations fall into a deadlockAccording to the news of the two internal people to the Associated Press, Buffalobier and the inner stars defensive cut Masel-Dagra Dareus were currently in the stagnation. Since the renewal negotiation is the secret, the two insiders have chosen anonymous.

This is a surprising decision, especially considering the timing of making a decision. In a few days, Black Leopard is to start training camp, but now they will prepare new seasons without general manners. Before the Wildman of Gatman, Danny Morrison, Chairman of the February, resigned, and then the Assistant General Manager Brandon Beane added to Buffalo.

Groundon also once in interviews, Griffin’s performance is unable to be satisfactory. As the time, Griffin did not choose silence, he said on his own online social platform: “I can’t lose my teammates to the bottom of the car, I can’t do it,” It seems that this farce will continue. We will continue to pay attention to the development of incident.

After the jet team found the two-positioned coaches of Bauers and Kerry in the snippoken trainer, it also needs to explore a qualified quarter-saving, and the jet fleet of the Ruian era will bring us Some surprises?

Wilson: I always sleep very well before the game.Seattle Hawks of the Seattle Hawks must know that the team’s four-point Wilson is not long on weekdays. His favorite tweet label is “no time to sleep.” Wilson revealed in the interview on Thursday, sleeping less, only one night before the game, there is a different sleep mode. Wilson said: “Saturday night, I always slept like a stone. Generally, I will sleep 10 to 12 hours. This can make me energetic in Sunday’s game, this is very effective, maybe and I usually Well sleep less. “

Viking outside the hand: the team needs to be able to complete the ball attackIn the game against the Chicago Bear, the offense of Minnesota Weijing is completely limited, and eventually defeated 6-16.

“I think we and every Minnesota fans, every Minnesota Weijin player is frustrated,” Shydly said. “We are more sad. We have made everything in the offset season. We strived every day and then played this performance & mdash; & mdash; this is sad, this is incredible.”

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