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Jim Cardville, who has served as the Detroit Lion and Indiana Polis, Jim Caldwell, has been interviewed, which is also the first and Texas new general manager Nick Kaiserio (Nick Caserio) Interview. In addition, Buffalo Boren Leeslie Frazier and Kansas City Chief Offense Coordinator Eric Bieniemy will take the second round of interviews after the United States. Baltimore Collus Assistant Coach David – David Culley, Indiana Polis Pony Defensive Coordinator wholesale jerseys Matt Eberflus and Old Quartan Sanshi-McCan (Josh McCown) It is also a coach candidate.

If the body of Peterson’s body is caught by the high workload, Smith’s record may be able to keep for decades. Frank Gore Currently, the number of codes in the career is higher than Peterson (12040 yards), but his 32-year-old is not a threat to the record. Marshawn Lynch obtained 9112 yards but just retired. 29-year-old Jamal Charles obtained 7220 yards. Last season, Todd Gurley may have a chance, but it has to be a lot of years we will carry out him to break the recorded powerful candidates.

General Manager of the Black Panther said: “We feel sorry about the encounter of Benjamin, and he is working hard in the past year. We believe that he will complete the operation and challenge yourself again.”

Texas people patient calls will conduct a second round of interviews for multiple candidates

According to informed people, Houston Texas plans to conduct a second round of interviews for multiple coach candidates this week.

Due to the combination of running guards, pay attention to the reduction of passing attack and main running guards, more and more, if Peterson has failed to break the record, Smith’s record maintenance time may be added more than Brown and Pedon More.

Breddy, who has been 40 years old this year, was hit by opponents. He has been killed 16 times this season, and it is the 6th of the league. In the 12 game last season, he was only killed 15 times. Now the Braddy field is killed 3.2 times, and it is the most career. According to this development, he will be killed 51 times in this season. His career was killed in 2001, was killed 41 times in 2001.

Peterson’s current 11675 scorpion code number is ranked 17th, the 18355 yards of Smith are 6680 yards. If Peterson is playing more than 5 seasons, he needs to get 1336 yards every season to break the record of Smith. Peterson ranks first in the 1485 yard rankings last season. But Peterson has been 30 years old, and the history of the past is a long-term shadow of Pitters’ career. Most running guards decline at the age of 30, but Peterson has previously proven that they are not mortal & mdash; & mdash; recovering the scorpion code in front of the knee quilty.

Sunday’s game will be the challenge of the Black Panther to meet the Challenge of Minnesota, because this is another incident with the police shoot, perhaps this week’s game we will see more people who have a singer singer.

Since Keith Lamont Scott, KEITH LAMONT SCOTT, US Tuesday, in the conflict with the police, the public security of the entire North Carolina has problems, and people have started a lot of parade and demonstration.

Emite – Smith: Diphon can break the ball code record

Adrian Peterson has been publicly expressed in recent years, I hope to break the number of eye-catching codes of EmmitT Smith. If the Minnesotavi-Beijing running guards can’t complete this goal, this record may stand for a long time.

The news of the interview McCahn has caused an uproar wave in Friday, because although he has 19 years of player experience and in the last five years, it has actually served as a player – the role of the coach, if he became the coach, this will be his first coach work. . McCon has been planning to embark on the coaching post and have been considered to be a NFL team coach in the future. However, his current plan is to watch his son in high school in the next two years, which is said that he is still considering his own option. After being signed into the big list from the Philadelphia eagle spending group in November last year, McCahn’s player contract was expired until the 2021 season.

Choosing Fraser or Kadville will bring stability to the team. The two were once a helper of Tony Dungy, the latter as a chosen consultant for Cal McNair, Texas. At the same time, if Fraser or Kadville became a new coach, the Texas people will be a team that hiring the second selection of ethnic minority coach this year. New York Jet’s new coach Robert Sara (Robert Saleh) is Lebanese.

Watson’s dissatisfaction of Texas has been well known, but according to informed people say he has not publicly requested transactions, Texas did not expressed any intentions who traded from him. Texas has rejected other multi-teams to ask for interviews Tim Kelly, Tim Kelly. In the end, whoever became the Texas people or will determine the future of Watson.

Texas people’s handshake work now attracts external attention. Previously, Deshaun Watson has expressed dissatisfaction with the unity of the general manager. Texas finally chose Caicrio, who used to help New England patriots to win the super bowl of championship as general manager. Now, Texas, who works in Caesario, is also patiently selected from all of these candidates.

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