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The original Smith was considered to go back to the old east Houston Texas, who played from the 2009 season to the 2013 season. But he eventually came to the wild horse, and he might as the ball shock according to the situation based on the situation. Smith is working.

Gordon is a show of No. 15, 2015, and the new year is not smooth, a total of 6 times. It has improved in the past two seasons. He was 254 times in 2016, promoted 997 yards, 284 times last year, and pushed 1105 yards. Over the past two years, he has completed 99 battles, and the ball and the rush were added to a total of 24 reaches.

33-year-old Smith has previously spent a quiet season in the Auckland raid, and the raids cut him on Tuesday to make a salary cap space of $ 3.2 million. Smith was a 16 game for the raid last season, got a 791-file appearance time, and finally got 3 kills, 20 hugs and once forced the ball. Smith was rated in the score of the professional football focused on the score of the professional football, but at the same time, it was a poor punch guard.

The eagle pony will throw a coin on Friday to determine the signativeThis Friday, Pony, Eagle, and Viking officials will participate in the throw coin activity that determines the draft. The winner can get the first round of No. 14, and the loser can only accept 15 signs.

Patriot coach Bailecy, not worried, brown will lead to offshore problemsBeijing September 11th, the new England patriots signed Antonio Brown to let the outside world have experienced an external connector joined the patriot from the Auckland raid: Randy Moss.

Johnson’s left has a sign earlier in the season, and eventually makes official confirmation earlier in March. Fuller said to this: “Every time he mentioned me to this thing I think is a joke. In fact, he and me said this is 2 or 3 times his last season, you think it is true. Do you come back later? “

After Brown’s headache after the force of Pittsburgh steelman and the raid, it is worthy of doubting how he can integrate into the patriotic culture. But the question of the outside world is concerned that Beli Check is plagued.

According to the Eagle official website, throwing the coins will be carried out on Friday 12:30 Indiana Convention and Exhibition Center and the rookie training camp. Howie Roseman explained that the two sides of the coins were printed with the team compliments of Viking and Pony (the ethnic in Sam Bradford “obtained from Viking people. First roundabout).

This year, Tiger uses a privileged player label to ensure that Green will be at least a year for them. In view of his injury history and the price required to renew Will Green, if the two sides can sign a long time before the deadline, it will be a bit surprised.

Johnson is only 30 years old. Fuler has reason to believe that he will return to the stadium. His continuous 6 professional bowls experience, the 10th season completed 1000 yards, and he still have a lot of data. We are still looking forward to.

The last exciting throwing currency happened in a few weeks ago, before the superb bowl, the falcon and patriots threw coins in the middle. At that time, the Falcon’s defense is not as good as before, if Braddy and Patriots get the first attack, the result will be & hellip; & hellip; everyone knows.

Lightning will execute the Joggers 2019 contract option Before watching the new first round show on Thursday night, lightning should ensure that the first round of show in 2015 will stay more than one year.

Moss also questioned his personality problem by the outside world when joining the patriots, but he and the recent behavior of Brown were Xiao Wizhou Daxie. The final Moss and Tom Brady have formulated a powerful offensive combination.

Green’s injury has already plagued him more than a year. In addition to the reimbursement of the 2019 season, he was absent from the injury in 2018. Since October 29, 2018, he has only participated in 1 game, and in that game, Green was only on the 17-file attack and injured in advance.

Green’s health will have an important impact on the growth of Tiger’s new quarter-saving. In health, he can defeat your opponent’s corner, complete the high difficult ball, and break the opponent defense. We have never seen such a Green in more than 18 months.

“I don’t know,” Bellchk said when being questioned and the external problem will affect the team’s winning ability. “I don’t know what everyone thinks inner. This depends on our own yourself. But from the team’s perspective, when we get a chance of competition every week, we work hard to do our best in physical, psychology and emotions. It is best. This is what we all work hard. In addition to playing in life, Wholesale Jerseys we all know this. In the end, if you care about good performance like us, then the things we work hard is every We have given a high level in Zhou, so we try our best to do this. No matter what we want to face, we need to solve the problem, we have worked hard to overcome these difficulties. Next we must Do 1 o’clock on Sunday. “

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