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In the final team, the American tiger and dolphins became the most, down 8 of this week. The crows and lions of the three streaks can also be raised 22 and 23. However, the two teams who have not yet tasted the results are not so optimistic, the saints and Chicago bear continue the bottom, and the group will hear.

After being discarded by Brown, the red scitch claimed this left trip. According to NFL NetWork reporters, Harrison has satched a plane to Arizona before the official news news. In order to make a big list space, the rickets have cut off the trip to Andrew Lauderdale.

Bad in the mangoma teammates, from the near-end Duan Jeff Hulman (Jeff Heerman) that is tempted to tease the rookie. He shaved Bad’s hairstyle into a capitalized O (referring to Ohio State University) and shaved the hair of Bad side head into 0-4.

South to increase the four-point guard to find the front nfl player refined passBeijing July 5, USC SAM Darnold has a good outlook, which may be the four-point guards who have been taken by NFL draft next year.

Wholesale Nfl Jerseys TV network reporter Ian Rapoport reported that the Texas has agreed to Direct Darren – Fils for 2 years. The contract is worth 7 million, 2020 salary reached 4 million US dollars. In addition, Texas also renewed for 4 years in Texas also with kicker cards (ka & # 39; imi fairbairn).

If the two weeks in the first two weeks are due to the expectations of the season, they are not so accurately or have a major injury situation. It is the third week, it is a scorpion. It is a rough to see a general. NS. As the saying goes, the child is three years old, seven years old. These teams have passed the three games. It can also guess if it is expected to break into the playoffs this season. For experts, more competition data means they can make more reasonable. And accurate ranking. So this week’s rankings only show slight shocks.

Wild horse new show is reminded at the university’s school’s death and enemy relationships continueDenver’s wild horse new show near-end SMT-Butt quickly found that the death enemy relationship between University Michigan University and Ohio State University did not disappear.

0-4 Refers to the record of Ohio State University during the University of Bart. Hurman said in a personal social media he just didn’t take anything in Bart forget what happened in the past 4 years. Hurman and Bart’s college career have only two seasons, but the death enemy relationship between the two schools is not only limited to the university competition.

2 wins and 1 negative teams, Buffalo Bier ranked the highest, ranked sixth. Atlantian big fountain seems to be playing reversal playing, the first week of shooting, the second week of passing the game, the third week is big, and the lack of running Kirman has also created Fremman. The third week of God level performance. But in any case, the Falcon has also harvested three consecutive victories, so the ranking has jumped to the 7th. The Hawks will finally win, but the Hawks have not announced Ma Shaen-Lynch’s injury, but the strength of Linqi’s substitutes does not be underestimated, so even if they only get a win, the Eagle can still re-return 10, occupying eighth. Le Wen Bell returned, but the impact of Dajin’s injury on the steelman offensive group was huge. The steel man will face a small challenge in the next few weeks. Despite the ranking of the ram, Name, bit column 9. Before the season, I was recognized as the weakened area in the Ministry of Linkan District, but there were two unbeatened teams after the end of the three weeks, a falcon with the false mentioned before, and the other is lost, the panther of Benjamin. . The growth of Kam-Newton is undoubted, but the relatively easy schedule does help the black panther busy, in the face of Tampawan pirates next week, the black panther will welcome four consecutive victories. And their ranking also killed the top ten this week.

The package workers, patriots, rickets, tigers and wild horses won the season in this week, so on the list, their first to fifth position did not change. In the fourth week, the patriot has no game, and the other four teams do not have mutual confrontation, so as long as there is no ditch, these five teams will also maintain their respective rankings.

The following is a detailed list:

Green Bay packaging work 3-0 (-)

2. New England Patriots 3-0 (-)

3. Arizona Red Spits 3-0 (-)

4. Cincinnati Tiger 3-0 (-)

5. Denver wild horse 3-0 (-)

6. Buffalo 2-1 (+1)

7. Atlantan Falcon 3-0 (+3)

8. Seattle Hawks 1-2 (+3)

9. Pittsburgh Steelman 2-1 (-1)

10. Carolina Leopard 3-0 (+4)

11. Minnesota Viking 2-1 (+5)

12. Kansas City Chief 1-2 (-6)

13. New York Jet 2-1 (-4)

14. Indianapolis Tima 1-2 (+3)

15. Dallas Cowboys 2-1 (-2)

16. Auckland raid 2-1 (+5)

17. St. Louis Ram 1-2 (-2)

18. San Diego lightning 1-2 (-6)

19. New York Giants 1-2 (+8)

20. Philadelphia Eagle 1-2 (+8)

21. Washington Red Leather 1-2 (-1)

22. Baltimore Crow 0-3 (-)

23. Detroit Lion 0-3 (+1)

24. Tennesi Titan 1-2 (+2)

25. Houston Texas 1-2 (+4)

26. Jacksonville American Tiger 1-2 (-8)

27. Miami Dolphin 1-2 (-8)

28. Cleveland 1-2 (-3)

29. San Francisco 49 people 1-2 (-6)

30. Tampa Bay Pirate 1-2 (-)

31. New Orleans Saint 0-3 (-)

32. Chicago 0-3 (-)

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