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Chandler is played in the new England patriots last season, and the 259 yards were completed in the 15th game in 15 games (4 games). Then he was effective for Buffalo Bore for 5 seasons. 30-year-old money was selected by San Diego lightning in 2007. He was briefly effective in the New York Giants and Dallas Cowbi before joining Bill to get a stable career.

The patriot in the early March failed to pass the medical examination as a string of money. The whole season of Chandler’s knees is a problem. Now we know how serious the injury is. He was first encountered in the knee torn torn in 2012.

In front of the half, the patriots tried four gears in the 48 yards in this half. The results of the four-point Wei Tom Braddy (Tom Brady) did not score, the end of the half, Titan 14-13 leading patriots .

Easy to fight in the second half, both sides can’t complete the three-speed conversion, and can only give the ball to each other. Although it is, the patriots are safe to Du Long-Harne (DURON HARMON) Critable Ninherel, complete the 4th copy of the career season, chasing the patriots, Thai, Law, list Historical third. But the patriot offensive continues to be weak, and even cannot advance to the range of shooting. The last 15 seconds of the round to the patriot from this part of the 1 yard, Braddy was attached by the patriot, and the latter came from 9 yards, and Titan has failed. But still defeat the patriot in 20-13.

Johnson said: “Gano is getting more and more mature, he will not make the same fault. He has already demonstrated his ability, and I believe he can continue this performance. At the same time, we can do it. It is to bring him more helper and provide more ball goals. “

Jet boss: We will be equipped with more weapons for SmithThe 3-day draft selection conference is about to open, some teams choose to avoid talking, some teams have no tribute to disclose their own draft strategy. The New York Jets show quite positive in interviews, and the boss Woody Johnson will bring more helpers to the Geno Smith.

The center is a problem for 49 people. Last year’s first center Daniel Kilgore is recovering from ankle surgery, he is placed in a list of injuries that cannot be played. Other center choices in the array include Marcus Martin and Dillon Farrell. Easton graduated from Harvard University, selection of the best lineup of Chang Chunva Alliance last season.

McCay told reporters: “Many people think me & hellip; & hellip; I am uncertain & hellip; & hellip; I feel that I am ruthless to betray them, don’t respect them. I will never do this. I will never say pirates. Always I won’t say pirate bad words. No matter how much negative comments, I will not change, because I know that this club has changed my life, I have a very beautiful experience there. “

Jet is signed 6th, and they are expected to choose one of the best two external hands, while they may also wait for Marcus Mariota to the 6th. According to Johnson’s statement, the team is more inclined to grab the next door compared to a quadrant. However, the jet has been traded in March to Barndon Marshall, plus Eric Decker, and Jeremy Kerley, Jeremy Kerley, and two Years of near-endes – Amaro, the ball capacity of the jet is strong enough.

Gerard McCay: Wholesale jerseys Never say pirate bad words On June 12, although the jersey number was pirated to the NDAMUKONG SuH, but Gerald McCoy, which added to the Black Leopard, Gerald McCoy, will not step on the pirate.

When I recently participated in the NFL NetWork broadcast show, McCaki reviewed their own journey of pirate. 5.20 After being cut by pirates, the guessing and reporting of his and pirate relationships were like a spring bamboo shootout.

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